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Written by Administrator  
Tuesday, 03 May 2011

Suggested preliminary reading for prospective TRSS students


Baker, Mona (2005) ‘Narratives in and of Translation’,  SKASE Journal of Translation and Interpretation 1(1): 4-13.

Chesterman, Andrew (2000) ‘What Constitutes 'Progress' in Translation Studies?’

Chiaro, Delia (2012) 'Audiovisual Translation' . Wiley Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics.

Diaz-Cintas, Jorge (2004) 'Subtitling: the long journey to academic acknowledgement,' Journal of Specialised Translation, 1, 50-70.

Hermans, Theo (2012) 'Norms of Translation'. Wiley Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics.

Laviosa, Sara (1998)  ‘The Corpus-Based Approach: A New Paradigm in Translation Studies’, Meta 43(4): 474-479.

Munday, Jeremy (1998)  ‘A Computer-Assisted Approach to the Analysis of Translation Shifts’, Meta 43(4): 542-556.

Seago, Karen (2005) 'Aspects of Gender in Translations of 'Sleeping Beauty'. Comparative Critical Studies 2, 1, 23-43. 

Tymoczko, Maria (2012) 'Translation Theory.' Wiley Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics.


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