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Written by Administrator  
Wednesday, 23 May 2012


The TRSS UK teaching staff are drawn primarily from the three British universities jointly organising the Summer School, with input from staff of the Centre for Translation at the Hong Kong Baptist University.

Teaching staff for the 2013 session at UCL include: Daniel Abondolo (UCL), Mona Baker (Manchester), Francesca Billiani (Manchester), Geraldine Brodie (UCL), Sharon Deane-Cox (Edinburgh), Jorge Diaz-Cintas (Imperial), Dorota Goluch (UCL), Theo Hermans (UCL), Hephzibah Israel (Edinburgh), Ester Leung (Hong Kong), Jeremy Munday (Leeds), Ruggiero Pergola (Bari/Imperial) and Marlies Gabriele Prinzl (UCL).

TRSS UK Core staff

Mona Baker
Author of Translation and Conflict: A Narrative Account and In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation, and numerous articles on narrative theory, the politics of translation and corpus-based translation studies. Editor of Critical Readings in Translation Studies, the Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies and The Translator.
Specialist interests: narrative theory and translation; translation and activism, corpus-based studies, pragmatics.

Morven Beaton-Thome
Specialist interests: conference interpreting, ideology in interpreting, agency in interpreting, Bakhtin, critical discourse analysis.

Charlotte Bosseaux
Author of How Does it Feel. Point of View in Translation and of articles in The Translator, Meta and Across Languages and Cultures.
Specialist interests
: linguistics, literary translation, corpus-based studies, and audiovisual translation.

Siobhan Brownlie
Specialist interests: descriptive translation research, comparative methodology in translation research, literary translation, contemporary French philosophy, the translation of 19th and 20th century French literature.

Theo Hermans
Author of The Structure of Modernist Poetry, Translation in Systems and The Conference of the Tongues; editor of The Manipulation of Literature, Second Hand, Crosscultural Transgressions and Translating Others.
Specialist interests: translation theory and history; literary translation.

Hephzibah Israel
Author of Religious Transactions in Colonial South India: Language, Translation and the Making of Protestant Identity (2011).

Specialist interests: Translation Theory, literary translation, religion and translation, postcolonialism and translation, South Asian language, literary and translation traditions

Maeve Olohan
Author of Introducing Corpora in Translation Studies; editor of Intercultural Faultlines and of Translation Studies Abstracts.
Specialist interests: scientific translation, corpus-based studies; process research, translator training, translation technology.

Luis Pérez-González
Author of Towards a Dynamic Model of Discourse: Issues of a Forensic-oriented Analysis of Spoken Interaction; editor of Speaking in Tongues: Advances in Translation Studies; co-editor of La traducción e interpretación en un entorno global.
Specialist interests: corpus linguistics, translator training, screen translation, forensic linguistics.

James St André
Editor of Droplets, Yours Truly and of K.I.V. (writings by Singaporean Chinese with English translation); co-editor of Excursions in Sinology and currently editing Thinking through Translation with Metaphors.
Specialist interests: history and theory of translation from Chinese into European languages from the 18th to the early 20th century; metaphors of translation; pseudo-translation.

Şebnem Susam-Sarajeva

Author of Theories on the Move: Translation's Role in the Travels of Literary Theories . Guest editor of Translation and Music, The Translator 14(2).
Specialist interests: Translation theory, gender and translation, retranslations, research methodology in translation studies, literary and cultural theories, translation and music, translation and cyberactivism.


TRSS (Hong Kong)

The TRSS (Hong Kong) teaching staff are drawn primarily from the Centre for Translation at the Hong Kong Baptist University, with input from other universities in Hong Kong and the three partner institutions in the UK

TRSS Hong Kong Core staff

Martha Cheung
Martha P. Y. Cheung has translated many Chinese literary works into English, and has published on translation theory, translation history, and translation criticism. Her most recent publications are An Anthology of Chinese Discourse on Translation, Volume One: From Earliest Times to the Buddhist Project (St. Jermone, 2006) and The Translator: Special Issue. Chinese Discourses on Translation. Positions and Perspectives(St. Jermone, 2009).
Specialist interests: Chinese discourse on translation and international translation studies; the relation between translation theory and the practice of translation; history of translation; and the changing meanings of the concept ‘translation’ in different translation traditions.

Ester Leung
Associate Professor in Translation, Hong Kong Baptist University. Has published various articles on legal translation and interpreting; also constructed a bilingual legal corpus entitled: ‘From legislation to translation, from translation to interpretation: The narrative of sexual offences in the courtroom’ consisting of the bilingual Sexual Offences Ordinances and the proceedings of 5 rape trials heard in the Hong Kong High Court.
Specialist interests: interpretation; legal translation and discourse analysis.

Wayne Liang
Assistant Professor in Translation, Hong Kong Baptist University. Has published articles on aspects of translation and interpreting, most recently in Perspectives: Studies in Translatology (2007:15(2)).
Specialist interests: translation theory; literary translation; sociology of translation; interpreting studies; modern Chinese/Taiwanese literature in translation.

Robert Neather
Associate Professor in Translation, Hong Kong Baptist University. Has published various articles on aspects of translation in the Chinese context, most recently in META (53.1, 2008); Executive Editor (English) of Translation Quarterly.
Specialist interests: translation and the museum; semiotics; multimodality and translation.

Tan Zaixi
Author of Xifang Fanyi Jianshi (A Short History of Translation in the West), Fanyixue (The Science of Translation), Naida Lun fanyi (Nida on Translation), and many articles on translation and translation studies published in major Chinese language and international journals.
Specialist interests: translation theory and history; comparative study of Chinese and Western translation scholarship.

Yau Wai Ping
Assistant Professor in Translation, Hong Kong Baptist University. Has published articles and book chapters on literary translation and audiovisual translation in The Translator and other international publications. Experienced translator of Chinese poetry and fiction.
Specialist interests: literary translation; media translation; film adaptation.

Jessica Yeung
Author of Ink Dances in Limbo: Gao Xingjian's Writing as Cultural Translation (Hong Kong University Press, 2008), and a number of articles on translation studies. Also actress and theatre critic.
Specialist interests: translation theory; interculturalist performing arts; audio description for the theatre; Chinese literature and culture.

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